Want to learn more about French Studies at Melbourne University, or the broader French and Francophone world in our fair city? Here are some starting points:


French Department of the University of Melbourne

History of French Studies at the University of Melbourne

JASON (Australian tertiary scholarships for language and culture)

University of Melbourne French Trust Fund


Alliance Française de Melbourne (hosts the Melbourne French Film Festival in February/March of each year)

Cinema Nova (usually screens a range of arthouse and popular French films)

French Club at the University of Melbourne

French Restaurants in Melbourne

Melbourne French Theatre

My French Life/ Ma Vie Française (Melbourne-based French cultural magazine, also runs conversation classes)

Paris to Provence (Melbourne French Festival)

SBS French

Travel and Student Exchange

AFX (Australian student exchanges to France)

Campus France

CNOUS (student services in France)

FLE (learn French in France)

The French Consulate General in Sydney

The French Embassy of Australia

Study Abroad with the University of Melbourne

Teaching Assistantship Program in France


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