Culinary Cinema

Attention les cinéphiles gourmandes !

Jacqueline Dutton, Associate Professor in French Studies at the University of Melbourne is presenting an evening which combines arguably the two best things to come out of France: cinema and food. With a combined screening and discussion of the film Les Saveurs du Palais (Haute Cuisine), guests will be offered a glimpse of what’s in store for some of the University’s new food and wine subjects.


Les Saveurs du Palais is based on the true story of Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch, whose culinary talents took her from a Périgord kitchen to the Elysée Palace, as personal cook for Président François Mittérand. It tells the story of how simple regional cuisine triumphs over sophisticated ‘cuisine de chef’ in a political parable filled with nostalgia and longing for ‘la vieille France’.

When the President (Jean d’Ormesson) recruits Hortense (Catherine Frot), a renowned chef from France’s south-west, to indulge his yearning for the comfort food of his childhood, resentment and rivalries start to simmer in the Palace kitchens.

Is it Hortense’s cooking, attitude or gender that makes her success so hard for the other chefs to swallow?

The panel includes special guests Damian Sandercock, Gilles Lapalus & Ludovic Deloche, whose French-style charcuterie and wines will complement the culinary cinema experience!

Event details:

Thursday 20th October


University of Melbourne, Old Arts building


For more information and to register, head to the University  website.


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