French wanderlust blogs from outside Paris

The City of Lights is a brilliant metropolis, but France is so much more than its capital city.


If you’re a seasoned traveller, you’ll surely know that we’re in a post-Lonely Planet age, where the best travel advice can be found from personalised sources online, not in a stock-standard guide book. And while Paris advice does tend to dominate the blogscape, there are plenty of wonderful travel blogs and other sites that will help you navigate the Hexagone’s many wonders. Heading on holiday to France soon? Be sure to check out:

Belle Provence Travels, Provence

Best of Nice, Nice

Chic Provence, Provence

Chut Mon Secret, Marseille

French Riviera Blog, Riviera

Grenobloise, Grenoble

I Love My City Brest, Brest

Jumelles à Strasbourg, Strasbourg

Le Blog de Marion, Bordeaux

Les Marseillaises, Marseille

Les Pavés Bordelais, Bordeaux

Ma Nouvelle Vie en Picardie, Picardie

Madame Ordinaire, Bretagne

Mamzelle H, Bordeaux

Montpellier-Meditteranean, Montpellier

Nantes Privée, Nantes

Normand-dis-moi-tout, Normandie

Provence Guru, Aix-en-Provence

Provence Post, Provence

Rennes à coup de cœur, Rennes

Do you have any other non-Paris travel and lifestyle blog suggestions? Please share in the comments!

Bon voyage and happy wanderlust.

By Gemma King


About frenchatmelbourne

Students, alumni and friends of the Melbourne University French Studies Network

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