Louis XIV à Versailles

Whether you’re an insatiable uni student, or a grad still interested in keeping up your French learning, you’re in luck. The Château de Versailles (yes, THE Château de Versailles) is organising a MOOC on Louis XIV, to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the death of the Sun King.


Learn about the château’s design and construction, the king’s habits, French Arts in the C17th century and the ceremony and pomp that surrounded the decadent world of Versailles, for free and online through this 7-week course. The MOOC is entirely in French, so you can exercise your language and analytical skills, and runs from October 26 2015 to February 21 2016. You’ll even get a certificate of achievement once you follow the course all the way through.

Sign up here (we already have), expand your French historical knowledge and discover the world of the Roi soleil.


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