Languages Honours information session Tuesday April 21

Do you still have questions about the German-speaking, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Francophone world? Are you interested in literature, film, theater beyond what you were able to cover in your major or Diploma? Do you have an average of at least 70% in your 2nd and 3rd year German, Italian, Spanish or French subjects? Then consider Honours!

french door

This extra year of study gives you the unique opportunity to…

• to deepen your expertise and to broaden your understanding of the language and culture(s) you study

• besides coursework you will undertake your own research at one of Australia’s leading research universities

• under the supervision of a staff member you will develop a research subject question and write a thesis on a topic of interest to you

• Honours can also be a path to a research higher degree or specialised employment.

graph paper and laptop with tulersDo you want to find out more about Honours? The School of Languages and Linguistics will be holding a general information session for all prospective Honours students for 2015/2016 and those who are interested in post-graduate research.

This session will be held on Tuesday 21 April 2015 from 1pm to 2pm in Room 407, Babel Building, University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus.

The information session will be followed by light refreshments and a chance to have a chat with current and past Honours students, postgraduate students and academic staff.


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