Best Paris-based Instagrammers

Just because we’re based in Melbourne doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with what’s happening in Paris. The French capital is a very visual place, so Instagram is the perfect way to engage in some long-distance wanderlust. Of course, you should stop by our Instagram page, where we share our own travel photos. But these grammers are well worth following for all Paris lovers:

1. Lost In Cheeseland: Paris hotspots, art and culture.

2. Paris in Four Months: fashion, flowers and Parisian whimsy.

3. My Little Paris: beautiful Paris pics with lots of cute graphics and quotes.

4. Farfelue: pretty and polished photos of Paris cafes and corners.

5. Folies du bonheur: lovely pics of Paris wanderings.

6. Vutheara: VuTheara Kham has an eye for capturing the Paris streets at their best.

7. Juan Jerez: gorgeous black and white images.

8. When In Paris: sweet and natural images of the city.

9. Lily Rose: beautiful angles and symmetry.

10. Nathalie Geffroy: perfecty timed Paris moments.

11. Elodie in Paris: fashion, knick knacks and general Paris beauty.

12. Marion Madame: collections of the prettiest things to be found in the city.

paris et ses environs

Do you have a favourite Paris-based Instagrammer who didn’t make this list? Please share in the comments.

By Gemma King.


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