Coffee culture: Paris vs. Melbourne

Paris coffee vs. Melbourne coffee. This promises to be quite the showdown.

Paris may be the city of romantic terraces, but Melbourne has an artisanal café for every French brasserie. Parisians may shot espresso like nobody else, but Melbournians are the ultimate latte afficionados. Paris’ coffee world may be centuries old, but Melbourne’s is cutting edge.


We could contrast Paris and Melbourne coffee all day, but perhaps a more interesting approach would be to look at how these two different coffee cities share a mutual fascination with one another.

For several years now, a number of French cafés, crêperies and pastry shops have been gaining an excellent reputation in Melbourne.

Some of the finest Paris-style cafés in Melbourne include:

Dépôt de pain, Rathdowne St Carlton

Noisette, Bay St Port Melbourne

Roule Galette, Flinders Ln CBD

Madame Sousou, Brunswick St Fitzroy

Image courtesy of Ryoko at I Love Coffee.

Image (available as a magnet) courtesy of Ryoko at I Love Coffee.

But this trend goes both ways. Over the last few years, Australian cafés have also been taking over Paris.

Some of the hottest Aussie-run coffee spots in the city of light are:

KB Café Shop, rue des Martyrs 75009

Coutume, rue de Babylone 75007

Tuckshop, rue Lucien Sampaix 75010

Lockwood, rue d’Abkoubir 75002

Whether you’re a Melbournian francophile or an expat in Paris, be sure to explore these cultural crossovers.

After all, good coffee is a universal pleasure.

By Gemma King.

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