French wine: from Bordeaux to Melbourne

Whether you’re into deep, rich reds or light, crisp whites, chances are if you appreciate wine, you appreciate French wine in particular.

Some of the greatest wine regions in the world are in France, including the Loire Valley, Côte du Rhone, Bourgogne and Bordeaux areas.

But you don’t have to live on a vineyard in Bordeaux or be a sommelier in Paris to know a little about French wine.

Sink your teeth into this infographic to learn a bit about France’s wine districts:



Or learn more about French oenophilic history here.

Want to put your knowledge into practise at home? Find French wines at Melbourne’s French restaurants, train your palette at one of the excellent local wineries in the nearby Yarra Valley, follow the Melbourne French wine tasting calendar or even enrol in a French wine tasting course at the Alliance!

The wine regions of Bordeaux.

The wine regions surrounding Bordeaux.

…and start saving for that trip to Bordeaux. If you do make it there, be sure to stop by the glorious CIVB bar à vin and travel to any of the artisanal wineries in the surrounding Médoc wine producing region.

A la vôtre !

By Gemma King.

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